Ken Sinclair’s April Theme for Automated Buildings — Keeping the Cloud Open

Ken Sinclair Read about the very serious concerns that Ken Sinclair raises regarding the openness of the CLOUD and what the cloud giants may be proposing — forewarning us of how the proprietary cloud noose knot is tied. Excellent articles by John Petze, Therese Sullivan, Toby Considine, Jim Sinopoli, and many more.

Excerpt of Ken’s article: April theme is Keeping the Cloud Open. This issue’s content is one of the first attempts at describing what redefining “Open” in the Cloud might mean. If we are not clear on Keeping the Cloud Open there is a dark side, a concern of an evolving trend towards Proprietary Cloud. I grew up in the industry during the DDC revolution and saw the floundering of the early proprietary DDC systems that evolved quickly with amazing capabilities, but rapidly became obsolete and impossible to maintain. Several early DDC system companies failed and those that succeeded were liberated with the development of open protocols with total project integration and interaction with several vendors.

johnpetzeUnderstanding The Facets of “OPEN” by John Petze, Skyfoundry.

Therese_Face1IoT Opens to Mobile Messaging Standards by Therese Sullivan,

toby2013 Getting Over the Internet of Things by Toby Considine

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