Honeywell W7752G 2000 Fan Coil Unit to Be Discontinued

As Honeywell adds new and improved controllers to their product portfolio, they need to let older products go. So heads up: the W7752G 2000 Lonmark Fan Coil unit is being discontinued. If you need some of these reach out to your local Honeywell authorized distributor to buy any inventory they might have. A better option would be to have your local Honeywell distributor recommed a good replacement controller. Although, I found many of these on eBay, I would steer clear of that option ( no warranty, no tech support, and you have no idea were the controller has been).  As my dad use to say, “trouble cost more than quality”.

Click here to get a current spec and installation sheet on the W7752G 2000.,

Stay tuned to ControlTrends for special announcements regarding the Honeywell Momentum  Conference next year in Orlando.

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