Automated Building’s July Theme “Our Assets R U!” Ken Sinclair Nominated for Digie Award

KenSinclair+IBcon Excerpts from Automated Buildings July, 2014. Editor’s Note: We are experimenting with a virtual wrapper for our July issue. The flyover is based on the same format used for our Over 150 past issues and 15 years in the collaborator. The graphical presentation is more people centric following the theme of this issue. Powered by a web service it should present well on all devices, as more and more of our readers are BYOD. Also here is a short url to wrapper for tweeting. Please let us know if this is useful or just plain annoying…… It is simply a different way to view the same information.

I find it interesting that in the blur of technology at this year’s IBcon in Vegas; the largest gathering of authorities with international case studies on the topic of open architected, interoperable and integrated IP centric smart, connected, high performance and intelligent buildings, my biggest takeaway is that it is the people of our industry many of who are part of our collaboratory are our cashable assets, not technology.

Keynote Geoffrey MooreKeynote speaker Geoffrey Moore’s, pragmatic and systematic approach to the chaos created by technological innovation provided insight and guidance to the adoption journey. Click here for complete story.

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