An HVACR Open Letter to Graduates: NEWS editor-in-chief Kyle Gargaro explains the benefits of an HVACR career to recent high school graduates

HVACR This is a great video from Kyle Gargaro, NEWS editor-in-chief, that delivers a straightforward message to high school graduates. As we read in the Johnson Controls’ white paper written by Renee Joseph entitled “Elevating the HVACR industry: Promoting exciting careers to diverse prospects can help address staffing shortages,” we are facing a double whammy: While our HVACR Industry is experiencing a 21% increase in HVACR mechanic and installer jobs through 2022, a survey by The Friday Group, an international firm providing facilities management consulting services to commercial business and government, projected that up to 60 percent of facility management staff – electricians, plumbers, HVAC mechanics, operations and maintenance workers and others – will retire in the next five to seven years.

Imagine that, a double-digit growth in an industry that is already starving for qualified people, and in 5-7 years, 60% of the existing HVAC professionals will be retired! Is the sky falling or what? In light of the severe shortages ahead, this video needs maximum exposure. And, If more high school students were able to see this simple and straightforward message about the college realities versus the benefits of an HVACR career, we could possibly turn some heads in the HVACR direction, and hopefully, they will not only turn, but learn, and be ready — in the nick of time.


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