Elon Musk on AI and the Future: How will this Change Smart Buildings?

In a rare podcast interview Elon Musk, joins Joe Rogan (one of my favs) among other things they discuss the future of AI and how it will effect everything and everyone (yes, Ken Sinclair, even Smart Buildings).

This is intriguing, scary, thought-provoking, and controversial. This is when Elon Musk allegedly smokes pot during the interview and sends Tesla stock tumbling.

Caution: please beware there is lot of bad language and behavior in this video, but it’s worth it in my humble opinion.

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  1. What is Elon thinking of with smart Bldgs/Homes: They say I’m a visionary genius??

    Data is the new gold, occupancy tracking, desk sensor system providing data and control of HVAC, lighting and plug loads all orchestrated from the desk occupant. (ecDeskSensor System) (Cost justified).

    “This industry is ripe for change. It’s ready for disruption — but who’s going to be the one to disrupt it? Those that don’t will be left in the dust, like so many fossils before them.”

    Office desk sensor, temperature, motion detection and light level. Voice activation Alexa. Control your air outlet over your desk, lighting, drapes and plug loads.

    Inventions: Does it solve a problem? Is it unique? And most important is it cost justified?

    Every year, the nation spends approximately $200 billion in energy for commercial buildings. Yet, during the workday they are unoccupied 60% to 40% wasting a potential $100-$60 billion dollars a year.

    HVAC, lighting and plug loads are the main energy costs.

    If unoccupied or not required. Turn it off! HVAC, Lighting and Plug loads.

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