Tridium Launches New Niagara Analytics Framework

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TridiumPut the power of the new Niagara Analytics Framework to work for your business! Early Adopter Space is reserved for the first 200 eligible participants. Join before the November 21 deadline.

Tridium is excited to announce the availability of the new Niagara Analytics Framework* – the only data analytics engine native to Niagara. This powerful new product will enable you to leverage the power of Niagara to shrink big data and grow performance. The new Niagara Analytics Framework can be used in any industry or with any application. It runs on any system that produces data and can be applied to any operation.

What this means for you:

It has all the appealing hallmarks of the truly open Niagara platform, enabling you to leverage its power to transform data into actionable information.
It combines a historical perspective with real-time insight, moving you from a reactive response to a more powerful proactive position.
It’s easy to use and requires no specialized programming skills, yet it gives you advanced analytics.

Introducing our Early Adopter Program

We invite you to be among the first to experience the power of the Niagara Analytics Framework. Join our Early Adopter Program to receive:
Special introductory pricing on a starter license;
Niagara Analytics Framework certification training for one person;
Invitation to participate in a monthly contest in 2015 for visibility within the Niagara community, recognition at the 2016 Niagara Summit and the opportunity to win a grand prize;
Space is reserved for the first 200 eligible participants who join before the November 21 deadline.

We look forward to giving you more information and welcoming you to our Early Adopter Program so that you can begin using the framework to drive efficiency and capture cost savings.

*The Niagara Analytics Framework runs on NiagaraAX SupervisorTM and uses the standard Niagara toolset. It’s compatible with NiagaraAX 3.7.106 or later. Our open API supports third-party visualization and other complementary apps.

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