Best OpenADR Explantions: AutoGrid Turns Big Data Into Power!

autogridlogoAutoGrid Systems analyzes the exponentially expanding wave of data being generated by smart meters, building management systems, voltage regulators, thermostats and other equipment so utilities and end-users can obtain precise insight into where power is going and enact automated, responsive controls.

Demand Response Gaining Traction in a Tightening Texas Energy Market. December 18, 2013: AutoGrid Systems, a leader in innovative solutions for the electricity and energy industry, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Big Data Energy Services (BDES), a cloud-based service provider and consulting firm, to deliver services and technology that will allow electricity providers to reduce the cost of power for their customers while mitigating the risk of sharply higher prices in tight energy markets. Under the agreement, the two companies will market innovative Demand Response services to curtail energy consumption during periods of constrained supply. AutoGrid

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