Optigo Presents: Your Guide to the Basics of BACnet

New to the industry, or need to brush up? Start here!

When I first started working in this industry, I spent a lot of time searching for information, but I struggled to find basic, introductory-level resources. There’s lots of great info out there, but it skews really technical and specific. If you’re looking for bite-sized, easily consumable documentation, it’s a slog to track down.

To help, this year we dug into the basics of BACnet, bit by bit. If you’re new to the industry, want to brush up on some essentials, or you have a new hire looking to learn more, we’ve got the resources for you.

Check out this massive list of articles we wrote about the essentials of BACnet and building automation. We covered everything, from Project Haystack and tagging; to the benefits of BACnet vs. KNX, LonWorks, and Modbus; to technical troubleshooting information on BACnet IP and Ethernet and MS/TP; and much more. 

Are there any topics you’d like us to delve into next year? If you have any burning questions you want answered, let me know! 

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Monica McMahen
Director of Marketing, Optigo Networks
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