Time for a New Plan?

It’s a new year once again, and we all know what that means… many people are making resolutions to start anew and make changes.  Whether or not you are resolving to change anything, there is something we all can do to help life go a little more smoothly:  get organized and make a plan.  Whether it’s for work, at home or both, a little organization and planning can go a long way. 

Maybe you have some projects around the house that you have been putting off, or maybe you have been wanting to try a new approach to a work task.  The key is to start small and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by it.  Write down your thoughts and what you would like to accomplish, then make a list of what you need to do to get there.  At this point, don’t worry about the steps or what comes first; just jot things down.  Once you have a list, prioritize the items and determine what comes first, second, etc.  Now follow your list one task at a time, marking off each one as you go – that gives a great feeling of accomplishment! 

Another important item in getting organized and planning is a calendar.  You can use an online calendar such as Google, an app on your smart phone, or an old-fashioned hand held day planner. Use whatever is easiest for you and what you will be most likely to refer to.  Write or type in appointments, meetings, anything of importance that you want to remember.  At the end of each week, look at the upcoming week to see what you have ahead.

Many of you already do these things and kudos to you!  But for those of you who have trouble getting organized and planning ahead, try these simple steps and see if it helps.  Whatever you do, have a great, successful 2012!

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