Best Speaker at The Niagara Summit ? Scott Wayne on ” Embracing the Myth of Innovation”

Scott Wayne is not your father’s business consultant. He is young, edgy and cool.He is also brilliant. How many speakers do you know who have a DJ on stage with them when they a speak? And not just any DJ but Rana June. That is yours truly on stage with Rana, who revolutionized two worlds, music and technology in a strategy Scott calls a “mashup.” A mashup occurs when you take two or more different things and mash them together to create something new and different. Think peanut butter and jelly. Or in Rana’s case IPADs and DJs, which created a new reality in the music world and made Rana famous in certain music circles. So your new innovation Vocab word is “mashup”,and it is at the heart of any great innovation. I told you Scott was cool. .
How and what to mashup is what separates the billionaires from all the rest of us. But this is were Scott and his team can help. After all they are innovation experts. Step one is learning to think and see differently.
Scott offers fresh perspectives on the new challenges that we face both in our business and personal lives that keep us from creative insights. As Scott demonstrated to the crowd at Niagara in order to see clearly we must change our habits so that we can perceive the subtleties and nuances that elude us because of our overstimulated lifestyles. Scott gave us step by step formulas and check lists that lead to innovative thinking. These include ways to diversify informational influences in your life so you “get out of your own box” and see the world in different ways. As a teacher of mine once said, ” we are not sure who discovered water but we are pretty sure it was not a fish.” Think of it this way, if you are constantly going to the same sources for information and inspiration you are going to get the same type of results and miss what you need to be innovative. As Marshall Thurber, the great business sage of our time says, ” Different is not always better but better is always different.” To think different you have to be different and that requires a bit of creative disruption.
Scott and his company The Frontier Project specialize in showing business executives how to create distributive innovation in their companies and their lives. One of Scott’s messages is if you don’t disrupt your business ( find ways to constantly make it better) your competitors will disrupt your markets with more creative ways to add value and you are in danger of being bypassed. The old adage “if it is not broken don’t fix it” is suicidal in this business environment. With the speed of change in business “disruptive innovation” must become a best practice for companies that want to survive and thrive.
Scott and The Frontier Project offer numerous classes on Innovation at the Frontier Academy.Don’t miss Scott or Rana if you ever get a chance to hear them speak and perform. They were a highlight at the Summit and a must for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in these changing times.
Stay tune for more videos from the 2102 Niagara Summit.

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  1. Eric’s summary of Scott Wayne’s “disruptive innovation” rings true. Probably most of the really meaningful innovations for all of us in both our personal and business lives, have been disruptive initially. I’ll be checking Scott’s speaking schedule to learn more.

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