As some of you know I am an avid photographer and motorcycle restorer. I have spent many hours behind the camera looking for the best shot in my view finder and I have spent an untold amount of time in my shop restoring antique motorcycles. About a month ago I was able to purchase a very rare 1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport motorcycle in need of restoration. You may now be wondering what this has to do with Stromquist and Company and why should you, the reader go any further in reading this article.  Well come on and read on through this article and I will unravel this knot of words in my brain and tie it all together.

So, I am standing in my shop looking over this motorcycle and a million things are running through the old noggin at the same time. I need this part and that part. I wonder if that part works properly. What color will I paint the bike? Is that part even available anymore? Whoa ……slow down, remember your training, and think this out efficiently.

In today’s model of business as in yesterdays model the number one priority is still the client. How we take care of that client in today’s business world is what is unique about today’s new model.

How to manage what you have with the tools that are available to you is EFFICIENCY. Ever notice how a professional athlete moves around the field of play effortlessly? Ever used the saying “works like clockwork” or “a well oiled machine”? All of these mentioned have one thing in common EFFICIENCY.

There are companies out in the world that believe the cutting of employees, inventory, purchases, salaries, and “other cost cutting” concepts will work for today’s market. They do not. These concepts are not managing your tools they are depleting your available tools. The market we use our tools in is still there albeit maybe not as robust today as it was yesterday.

Stromquist and Company is working hard and searching out ways to improve our EFFICIENCY to you our readers and customers. If you see a way to improve our customer service, Control Trends web site, Stromquist web site, or our product lines drop me an e-mail at and we will be happy to listen.

By the way, by understanding and using EFFICIENCY concepts in building my motorcycles I was able to finish this little project last month. 1974 Honda CB 350 Four scoring 99 ¼ points out of 100 at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America judging. Now that’s EFFICENT !!!












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