Looking for Good HVAC Employees?

Stromquist has partnered with BirdDog, a national HVACR recruiting firm, to help our customers find good qualified employees. In today’s economy hiring great people is much more difficult, and job seekers continue to change the ways they search for work. That’s why BirdDog has changed the way employers locate and hire new employees. Many companies rely on BirdDog to reach candidates they can’t find with traditional advertising.

BirdDog’s “Always on Recruiting” is designed specifically for the HVAC and Controls markets and is ideal for any size employer.  When you are a BirdDog client, they will continue to hunt and track talent for you even if you don’t have a current opening, so when you do have a position to fill they are ready. 

To find out more about BirdDog recruiting and how their services can help you, go to our partnership page.


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