BirdDog Recruiting Success Story

If you missed my previous post about BirdDog recruiting services for the HVAC industry, you can check it out here.  Below is a customer testimony that BirdDog shared with us, and I wanted to pass it along.  If you are in need of talented, qualified HVAC employees, think about letting BirdDog help you in recruiting.  You can get more information from this site.

Attention: Customer Service

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to thank you and your team for a job well done. Our company is located in the Baltimore/DC area; we have been using your software and service for the past year and a halt. Although the economy has made it difficult on everyone, Frank J Dean Company had some internal changes that warranted hiring new personnel. When we connected with BirdDog, it was apparent that we were working with an experienced group; the same can be said of the local office. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Schrandt and Karen Enos throughout the process. Each had their functions to perform either at the beginning or during the process and when tasks were delegated; the level of service and professionalism remained unchanged.

The dashboard was a breeze to learn “on the fly”, and although it took me a few times to grasp it’s full capabilities, once I did, it was just another example of the well organized and thought out process that is BirdDog. Reviewing the amount of resumes we typically receive when advertising for a position can be a laborious task. The dashboard and associated software mad that task not only bearable, but almost fun…almost. We were able to review and sort the pre-sorted applicants, to find the best of the best and hired two people who we believe will help us build a prosperous future. I would suggest that other businesses use this resource as we have and perhaps take advantage of the other options we did not elect. BirdDog has the complete package for a small company like ours, as well as for those that might have greater employee turnover or just experiencing rapid growth.

Here’s to a better and brighter future with jobs created and sustained to help put our country’s work force back on track.

Very truly yours,


Dean R. Hershey

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