This is how a Combination Gas Valve Works

I came across this video on Gas valves and even though it is really old school “Your fathers high tech training video” it looks like the company HVACR Education is a good source for online HVACR training courses. Although the part numbers have changed the operating principals are still the same.

According to the HVACR Education website :

“In 1998 founder Chris Compton had a vision to implement a HVACR program using online learning methods. His vision and subsequent program has created a unique opportunity to instruct traditional students as well as non-degree seeking students, contractor and facilities technicians and the HVACR industry in general. This program is for anyone searching for a way to educate themselves or their employees to:

• Prepare for a successful certification/licensing exam,
• Obtain additional education to move up the employment ladder
• Prepare for a career in a great industry that needs great people.”

I have no direct experience of HVACR education. It looks like a great service and given the training needs and market for good HVAC techs it looks Chris is on the right track.

Has anyone in the control trends community been through the HVACR program? If so please share your experience with the rest of the control trends community in comments.

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  1. gas cut off from time to time. hence. the pilot goes of forcing one to. re light the pilot.

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