Smart Grid: Introducing the Grid Project Impact Quantification Tool – Updated Link. Make Informed Grid Investments

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Insight into how grid technology performs can be tough to get quickly! Result — like cost and energy savings, peak shaving, ramping requirements and fossil fuel usage — depend heavily on the usage, energy mix, geography and consumer behavior. The Grid Project Impact Quantification (GridPIQ) tool from the U.S. Department of Energy and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories allows you to quickly analyze and visualize your grid project from multiple perspectives.

GridPIQ allows you to:
* Quickly screen new grid technologies to identify impacts
* Understand and quantify project benefits
* Uncover unintended consequences

Learn how the GridPIQ tool can help you make informed choices about technology investments and policy options.

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P.S. Look for more webinars on the technologies and tools available to you through the DOE|OE’s Advanced Grid Research group!

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