SGIP News & Activities: President Sharon Allan’s November Update

SGIP22 Members, I am pleased to announce that SGIP won the NIST Funding opportunity which we submitted via a competitive bidding process in June. I have been working through the final details with our NIST contracting specialist. We will receive $2.1M when it is all finalized over the course of the next three years; which will breakdown as follows: $900k for 2016, $700k for 2017, and $500k for 2018. We look forward to continuing our relationship with NIST.

I am also pleased to announce that SGIP was selected for the DoE Funding Opportunity that we also bid in June, called “Solar Bankability.” We are currently in the process of negotiating this award which is for $1.5M over two years. SGIP bid with two subcontractors (NREL and SEIA) and the negotiation process is active and not yet finalized.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of you who attended and supported our Annual Conference in New Orleans. We have already received two new SGIP members from the event. Welcome! I also want to express my warm thanks for the various emails received in since the event. Kudos to all who stayed for the very last meetings on the last day from 4 pm-5 pm on Thursday… the Grid 3.0 and the EnergyIoT™ & Open Field Message Bus™ committees. The OpenFMB™ group had over 45 in attendance. I sat in on the DRGS subcommittee on Thursday and also noticed a number of new folks in attendance.


Sharon Allan
President & CEO

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