Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings February, 2017 Theme: “Productivity & Satisfaction Deployment”

As new standards of user satisfaction and performance metrics are being defined and applied to the unified building solutions we provide, be certain that they are more important than ever before and unrelenting. A better understanding and deployment of optimal lighting and comfort, especially in the hospital, school, and retail applications, is the most urgent trend challenging the Building Automation industry (though, it always has been). In his February editorial, owner and editor of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair, sums up what’s different this way: “We have never before had a direct feedback path from occupancy assets, but we now have a start of a feedback loop weaved around social media, video analytics, and smartphones interactions.”

Another important excerpt from Ken Sinclair’s editorial: “Satisfaction and Productivity of corporate assets, “their people,” is an ongoing dynamic survey of human cognition’s that is creating new performance metrics from the data from our buildings. We are all struggling to develop mushy measurement methods of cognitions of well-being, satisfaction, stress, innovation and contribution to corporate purpose. Of course, comfort both temperature and lighting need to be provided as basic services with expected energy efficiency.” Click here for the complete editorial.

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