What You Need to Know About the Next Generation HVAC and Smart Building Controls

What is the future of HVAC and Smart Building Controls?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have the next best thing. Thanks to Ken Sinclair, automatedbuilings.com, for putting together a group of innovative HVAC and smart building controls experts to discuss the next gereration of HVAC and  smart building controls.

ControlTrends was fortunate to film this discussion at the 2020 AHR education sessions.

Our panelist include:

Nicholes Waern, CEO and digital Transformation Expert.

Zach Netson, product specialist, Contemporary Controls,

Brad White, President, SES Consulting 

Calvin Slater, engineer, Climatic.

Special insights from Alper Uzmezler, the managing partner at BASSG


Watch the video, enjoy the discussion , and be sure to share....

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