Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March, 2017 Theme: “Engaging Satisfaction & Wellness”

Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings continues his thought process on how our industry is very well-suited to utilize the evolving social media connections available to us, in terms of feedback — to participate in the wellness and productivity campaigns emerging from every aspect and dimension of the building space. As Ken’s March, 2017 Automated Buildings theme suggests: “Engaging Satisfaction & Wellness,” we need get more active in understanding and processing these new user-metrics, because we are in a prime position to take advantage of the benefits. Ken’s editorial begins with this remarkable insight: “I am in awe of the power bestowed upon us and our potential as an industry to have a significant impact on the wellness and overall satisfaction of the occupants of our automated, connected, smart, living, buildings. Increasing satisfaction and wellness by engagement means creating a dialog path that flows both ways and is a giant first step for our industry’s entry into the productivity puzzle and its lucrative paybacks.” Be sure to read it to the end!

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