Contextualization Take 2: Wearable Technology and the Beat Goes On!

wearable_intelligenceWearable Intelligence is a technology company building enterprise solutions using wearable computing hardware such as Google Glass.

    This amazing video from Wearable Intelligence previews the future of contextualized wearable technology (but, is available now for the health and energy industries). Once you don the glasses, you have access to the Director (Procedural Checklists), Avatar (Multimedia Communication and Remote Assistance), Mentor (Video Training and Continuous Improvement), and the Informant (Content-Aware Data & Alerts). The Oil and Gas structure is based on information and wearable technology places instantaneous information at your fingertips. Okay, where is the HVAC industry — with this wearable technology? If you have, or know of, an application of wearable technology used in HVAC, share it in comments!

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