Google Buys Nest Labs for $3.2 Billion! Is This Just the Stat of the Iceberg?

Nest_Away On December 19,2013, ControlTrends blogged about Google putting more skin in the thermostat game. How about $3.2 BILLION worth of skin!? Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported today Google’s purchase of Nest Labs. Google’s aggressive purchase comes shortly after Nest’s recent release of its second smart home device: Nest Protect, a pretty and pricy CO Monitor and Smoke Detector that learns more about the household when installed with the Nest thermostat.

The Google acquisition of Nest Labs and Samsung’s entry into smart home accelerates the “race to the small space,” and the once rapidly moving disruptive technology (and its potential impact on business as usual) has displayed a billion-dollar warp speed gear added to the market race for the once lonely domain of the silent sentinel thermostat. Buy the way, Tony Fadell, well done!

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