Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings June Release — “Back from the Stack”

KensMake to sure to visit as soon as possible. Ken Sinclair and the Automated Buildings staff and contributing editors deliver another volume of industry perspectives and important updates, as well as in-depth coverage of Haystack Connect 2015 — with both, an editorial and review of the immense collaboration of Haystack Connect and its supporters, entitled “Back from the Stack.”

JMcGowan_Book Read the Jack McGowan interview and fill out your advanced purchase form for Jack’s latest book about Big Data: “In my mind this is the hottest topic on the planet, and at its nucleus is the science of automated and intelligent buildings, that are part of smart campuses and cities. These are topics that matter to me, however I also believe there is a great void of information in this content area because it is multidisciplinary; Building Automation Systems (BAS) and middleware, Energy Management, electricity and deregulation, web services, Internet of Things (IoT), data communication standards and, oh by the way, the Analytics software and standards.

My goal was to create the definitive text that would enable any professional with experience in one of the areas above, or no experience in our industry at all, to get a foundation of knowledge on these exciting technology and business developments. Of course the book could not be a thorough reference for all of these topics, but rather an introduction to the content with an explanation of how these developments impact energy management and buildings.”

June Articles Include:

Building Automation is Transforming into IoT Allan McHale, Memoori

Building Things We Overlook Jim Sinopoli, Smart Buildings LLC

Our Next Generation Hardware Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Wireless I/O Saves Time and Money Keith Blodorn, ProSoft Technology

Enabling Self-Learning at Work Christopher Naismith, SES Consulting

Strategic Approach to Energy Management Ankur Thareja, Energy Solutions

Innovation and Opportunity in Leak Sensing Laurie C. Conner, The Detection Group

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