Automated Buildings October Release: Satisfaction + Well Being = Productivity

Ken Featured Editorial Words of Wisdom from Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of “Our new tools of social engagement allow us to rapidly and continuously quantify as never before the measured variables of “Satisfaction” and “Well Being” in our buildings. We all understand how important these factors are to the productivity within our buildings. As we demonstrate our belief and share our passion with our early adopter clients, we all will grow in the creation and understanding of adding the never before quantified social feeling and well being of buildings. The systems we create to do this are revolutionary in the information we collect and the interaction we achieve changing the landscape of buildings.”

October Articles

Transformational Shake Up Lighting: Mike Welch, CNS

The Day IT Operates the Building: Jim Sinopoli, Smart Buildings, LLC

Navigating the New Landscape: Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

For Gourmet Tenant Experiences: Simon Troup,

The Internet Isn’t Broken: Fred Gordy, Smartcore

National Cyber Security Awareness: Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

CMMS for Environment, Health & Safety: Eagle Technology

The Chinese Economy Splutters: Allan McHale, Memoori

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