Money Saving Device for Walk-In Coolers

Functional Devices has developed a plug and play Evaporator Fan Controller the Functional Devices EFC 4045T for walk-in coolers and freezers that can significantly reduce energy costs –  with a potential 2-year payback! They are great for convenience stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc — anywhere that has walk-in refrigerators and/or freezers. Check out this video to see the EFC 4045T

The fans in the evaporator boxes run at normal speed at all times, even if the thermostat is not calling for a cooling cycle.  To save money, the controller monitors the temperature on both the intake and the exhaust of the evaporator fan unit.  When the temperature of the exhaust is equal to the intake temp, the controller will reduce the speed of the fans to save energy and reduce costs.  When the compressor turns back on the meet the thermostat requirements, the controllers will return the fans to normal speed.  Think of it as a mini VFD!

These Evaporator Fan Controllers have been installed and tested in several locations and have already proven their worth.  One convenience store installed two devices two years ago for testing and is saving an average of $200/month on his electric bill since installing them!  Now that’s great payback.  If you have walk-in coolers or freezers or have customers who do, you need to check out this new gem from Functional Devices.
For more information on the Functional Devices EFC 4045T controller you can contact Stromquist & Company if you are in Georgia or Florida or one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America.

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2 Responses

  1. I always love products that are a win/win/win for the consumers, manufacturers, & environment. Congrats to FD for a stellar product.

  2. This is a really interesting idea, and I think it is a good one. Of course I am saying this after hearing you extol the benefits of the fan controller. But, anything that saves energy and money with minimal changes is a brilliant idea.

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