Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 38

Ken's-Logo.005 1. America’s Power Plan: OVERVIEW:
Rethinking Policy to Deliver a Clean Energy Future by Hal Harvey and Sonia Aggarwal, Energy Innovation. The electricity system in America, and in many other nations, is in the early days of a radical makeover that will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase system flexibility, incorporate new technologies, and shake existing utility business models. This is already underway: it is not speculation. Managed well, this transition will give America a great boost, building a cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable grid, as well as an industry ready to profit from deploying its technologies around the globe.

2. Building Automation Monthly Phil Zito’s interesting read: The 5 Building and Energy Websites Everyone Should Know About. Do a quick search on building and energy websites and what comes up within the first page? You have some stuff from the DOE (Department of Energy) and other government entities but chances are you will only find one of the top 5 building and energy websites during your search. This means that decision makers, consultants, and designers are missing out on key information that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of their building management and energy programs.

3.FEMP: Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) works with key individuals to accomplish energy change within organizations, by bringing expertise from all levels of project and policy implementation, to enable Federal agencies to meet energy-related goals and to provide energy leadership to the country. FEMP services offered include Technical and Project Assistance: Find resources for technical assistance and information about FEMP calls for projects; Training: Look up FEMP-produced live and on-demand courses, workshops, and webinars; and Outreach: Get information about awards and campaigns that motivate energy- and water-efficiency in Federal agencies.

4. Big Picture Version of Security Integration: Actionable intelligence for command and control centers, VERINT’s Nextiva PSIM generates Actionable Intelligence from vast amounts of data to enhance security effectiveness, while facilitating system management and optimizing costs.

5. U.S. and Russia Agree Joint Nuclear Development By Mark Halper | September 20, 2013, 4:00 AM PDT: While the United States dithers over the future of nuclear power, Russia is banking on it. Nuclear will provide up to half of the country’s electricity by 2050 in large measure from a type of reactor under development called a “fast reactor.” Now it looks like the U.S., under new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, wants in on the Russian work. The two countries this week signed a broad cooperative nuclear development agreement that potentially gives the U.S. access to a Russian state research reactor called the BOR-60 in Dimitrovgrad, the U.S. Department of Energy announced.

Russia uses the BOR-60 to test fast reactor technology. Unlike today’s reactors, which slow down neutrons, fast reactors allow them to run fast. They leave much less waste and can potentially breed new fuel. Critics say they are dangerous. The agreement, signed by Moniz, also proposes a joint research center called the Multi-Purpose Fast Research Reactor International Research Center

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