Testo Instruments at CGNA Vendor Showcase

We caught up with Testo’s Jim Burke at the CGNA Vendor showcase. Jim showed us some of the cool new instruments and meters that Testo brought to the HVAC market place. In this short video you can see

the awesome new color display Testo added to the Testo 330-1 Combustion Analyzer. The Testo 330-1 is dollar for dollar one of the best combustion analyzers on the market, and with the new color display it just got even better.
Testo continues to expand their pocket line of meters. In addition to pocket line meters that include temperature, humidity, and air flow, Testo added a light meter in the pocket line series. This is a must for checking foot candles and lighting retrofits.
Jim also updates us on the Testo Thermal imagner. Testo took their time developing the thermal camera. They studied the cameras that Flir, the world leader in infrared cameras, developed for varying types of applications. Testo then took the features that were the most important to the HVAC industry and improved them while deleating features an HVAC technician would never use. The result is an affordable thermal imager geared for the HVAC industry.
If you are in Georgia or Florida, one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company can help with your Testo Instruments and HVAC control needs. If you are not in Georgia or Florida, one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America has you covered.

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