Heat Up with Space Ray

It’s getting cold outside, so we want to be sure to stay warm when we’re inside.  With a wide range of infrared radiant heating options, Space-Ray makes it easy and affordable to heat up unheated indoor spaces like warehouses, plant spaces or garages.

Space-Ray’s  CSA design certified ceramic heaters are available in natural or propane gas, ranging in capacity from 26,000 to 160,000 Btu/hr.  The high intensity heaters have a porous ceramic emitter designed to operate in the 1600°F to 1800°F temperature range. These units may be suspended hanging horizontally to direct the heat straight down or up to a 45° angle to direct the heat into a designated area. With the reflector options available, they may be mounted at a variety of mounting heights and angles for a wide selection of heating applications, including control options that allow for heater installation where no power supply is available. These units are suited primarily for spot and area heating.
Space-Ray also offers tube heaters in natural or propane gas which range in capacity from 20,000 to 250,000 Btu/hr. All of their tube heaters are designed for maximum radiant output and are CSA design certified.  The products of combustion are pulled through the totally enclosed combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency, more uniform tube temperature, and greater safety. The unitized design allows lower installation costs, simpler re-arrangement within the facility, and less maintenance. The heaters may be direct vented (individually or common vented) or indirect vented (unvented).
To learn more about Space-Ray heaters, visit their website or call Stromquist at 800-241-9471.
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