How Much Money Could You Make If You Could See The Future Of Smart Buildings?

The Future of Building Automation Controls


Someone once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”


And that is exactly what Anto Budiardjo and his team for smart building futurist are doing.

The Smart Summit 23 as part of the CS4B ( Coalition for Smart Buildings) is creating the future by doing a deep dive into:

  • what building owners know they want
  • what building owners don’t know they want yet
  • what technologies are available today and in the future
  • how to bring these elements together to create consistent cost effective solutions

They are our modern day map makers.


Think of the C4SB as two things, a planning tool called the Smarter Stack and an implementation tool called The Five Pillars.

The heart of C4SB is the Smarter Stack.

The Smarter Stack is many things: a map, a specification, a multidimensional model that connects the who, what, why and how together with agreed upon outcomes. It get’s all the people involved in making a building smart and profitable on the same page.

The Smarter Stack is more than a map or a framework. It is a multi-layered soothsayer, a conveyor of information, purpose and progress.

There are seven levels from top to bottom in the Smarter Stack:

Purpose Level: it answers the question why and defines the outcomes for success. Although it is at the top, it dives deep and answers these questions for each stakeholder. The CEO will have a different why than the operations manager, and so on.

Operations Level: lays out how things will get done

Delivery level: how the outcomes get delivered to the stakeholders, for example how will we deliver smart data to the different stakeholders.

Apps Level: includes software and digital apps used in the building

Data Level: the storage, normalization, and management of data.

The Exchange Level: matches apps, data, and services.

The Systems Level:  where building automation controls live.

The Physical Level: includes equipment and the physical buildings itself.

If this all seems a bit complicated, it is.

There are so many variables involved, and C4SB is endeavoring to make the complex- simple, the unseen-visible, like I said the modern day map makers.

I attended last year and you can get my thoughts here. This group is moving at light speed and I can’t wait to see what they have learned and created over the last 365 days.

Come peer into the Crystal Ball and create your future and future of Smart Buildings and smart Building Controls.

Register Now for the Smarter Summit 23 on Sunday, Feb 5 at Room B405 – Georgia World Congress Center 285 Andrew Young International Boulevard Northwest Room B401 Atlanta, GA 30313

The session is from 3-7Pm, the future waits for no one!



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