Johnson Controls’ New FX-WRZTTB00-5 Handheld Wireless Room Temperature Sensor

JC_wireless_sensor Johnson Controls is pleased to introduce the new FX-WRZTTB00-5 wireless handheld device. With easy setpoint adjustment, the FX-WRZ Series Handheld Wireless Room Temperature Sensor provides individuals wireless control of the temperature in their hospital or personal care facility room.

Adjustability at Your Fingertips: Room temperature is a top patient issue during a hospital stay. The new device senses room temperature and allows you to remotely adjust it from anywhere in the room. The temperature setpoint is easily changed with easy-to-use up and down selector buttons. The display can be set to clearly display Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature, signal strength, and occupancy mode.

Perfect for Personal Care Facilities: The handheld device, designed for use in care facilities such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, nursing homes, and senior living facilities, can be easily cleaned with antiseptic wipes. The device can help reduce facility labor costs by letting patients control the temperature in their room, freeing staff to concentrate on other duties. It can be used virtually anywhere wireless remote temperature control is needed and is mounted securely by a tethered cable in the room.


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