Philip Henderson Meet John Petze

Great talk by Philip Henderson, who is the senior financial policy specialist for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Philip is speaking at GreenBuild. One of Philip’s points is that 80% of the buildings that are targeted for Vision 2020 and beyond are already built. Building more energy efficient buildings is great, but to reach the objectives of Vision 2020 we must make existing buildings more operationally efficient.

Philip says that energy savings are “routine” and that the big savings come from eliminating the waste from when buildings “stray”. He asks the question, “how do you know if your chiller is on at 2AM?” His research shows that this not knowing when equipment is running inefficiently is very common and advocates reviewing data, provided by smart meters to spot these problems so they can be corrected in a timely manner.

Philip there is a much easier way!! John Petze, from Sky Foundry, Eugene Mazo, from DGLogik, Jason Briggs from J2 Innovation and a host of others from the building automation world can provide you with analyics programs that can monitor all these data points and detect the type of faults you are describing in a fast, efficient way that does not require a building engineer to go through reems of data that is not normalized and easy to understand.The Building Automation Controls Industry has the solutions you are looking for and would love to help.


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