How the Right Smart Building Controls will Change Facilities Management

With changes in Smart building controls the world of facilities management will change forever.

These changes include:the adoption of truly open systems. Agreed upon data tagging models. The availability of usable data.  Advances in artificial in intelligence and machine learning

Open Systems

Over the years, we have watched the definition of open systems change from an open protocol to a truly open system. Open in this sense means that the installation, service and procurement of these smart buildings products are not restricted to just one vendor. Therefore, multiple vendors can work on installed systems. Because the system is truly open, the owner has choice. The controls are truly interoperable, as a result, the facility managers have complete control and access to synergies that are only available when all systems in the smart building can communicate easily. This includes data.

Haystack Connect changes the tagging game

 Buildings get smarter when they can access and use data. 
Project Haystack is the great enabler for data to flow seamlessly through a building. Because data is tagged in a consistent manner, accessing it is more efficient and less expensive . As this tagging model becomes more adopted in the smart buildings industry, it will be easier for building owners to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this 2017 article by Therese Sullivan, now with Tridium, we see the connection between artificial intelligence and tagging.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning means your building will be smarter than ......

a five year old? My guess is that in the very near future our buildings might be smarter than you and me and all our smart friends. Artificial intelligence will change the game.  In 2016 Ken and I interviewed  Dr. Igor Mezic. His self learning algorithms  learn building systems and the relative correlations in sensor data. This allows predictive building maintenance and improve tenant comfort. As a result of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self learning algorithms , like Dr. Mezic’s, new possibilities exist for facilities managers.

Follow the Money...Deb Noller shows us why building owners will change

CDeb Noller, co-founder & CEO of Switch Automation discusses how owners and developers can take advantage of the new business models and revenue created by digital facilities management.

A big thank you to automateduildings Ken Sinclair for sharing this video with me. Deb does a fantastic job in explaining the revenue model and why building owners will adopt smarter building technology.

It is about the money!

As technology becomes more accessible and easier to scale, new business and revenue models will be available to property management companies and service providers that embrace open systems, useable data, and artificial intelligence.

New businesses will be created and new players will emerge.


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