Look Who Has a New Current Switch For Your ECM Motors?

Functional Devices New RIB Current Switch For Controlling ECM Motors

Those innovative folks at Functional Devices are at it again, creating products to make your life easier. The RIBXGTA-ECM is designed specifically to work with ECM motors.

As you will see, it is designed with the HVAC technician in mind, making installation and set up a snap.

Time is money, and eliminating complex installation and set up makes your life easier.

What are ECM Motors?

ECM stands for Electronically Commutated Motor. An ECM motor uses electronic controls to vary its speed, allowing it to run at whatever speed is necessary to meet changing conditions. This makes them much more efficient than traditional AC or DC motors, which are limited to a fixed speed. In addition, an ECM motor can run at very low speeds (as low as 10% of its maximum load) without using additional power or creating excessive noise or vibration.

Benefits of an ECM Motor

The main benefit of an ECM motor is that they use less energy than conventional motors.

An AC motor typically runs at 90% efficiency while a DC motor runs at 80% efficiency; however, an ECM motor can reach efficiencies up to 97%. This means that if you’re replacing an older AC or DC motor with an ECM model, you could see significant energy savings over time.

In addition to being more efficient, ECMs are also capable of providing more accurate and regulated operation over a broad variety of HVAC system output needs. This ensures user comfort by providing better temperature control and improved air quality. And because they have no brushes or parts subject to wear and tear over time, they require less maintenance than traditional motors do.

Because they operate at such low speeds, it takes a special type of current sensor to make sure they are working. 

That is where the Functional Devices RIB XGTA-ECM comes in to play. With a range that goes down to .25  and a 10% hysteresis, the RIB XGTA-ECM makes sure your system works properly, and that you are not getting nuisance call backs because your current switch is not sensing properly.

Let’s let Ryan Smith from Functional Devices break it down and show you what I am trying to say.

If you like the product the way we do, consider trying one. They are available from my favorite controls distributor. 

If you are in Atlanta for AHR, be sure and stop by and see the team at Functional Devices.


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