PENN Controls Celebrated Their 100 Year Birthday !

PENN Controls celebrated 100 years the night after the ControlTrends Awards and we were there! The Big Bash took place at the Georgia Aquarium and PENN and Johnson Controls spared no expense in making sure their customers had a big time!

PENN Controls has been making commercial refrigeration controls that have been keeping people and products cool in supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. It has been the go-to refrigeration solution for distributors like DMS Controls and Stromquist & Company as well as HVAC service contractors across the globe. PENN has a long history of delivering the freshest ideas in the HVACR industry.

If you like the System 350 as much as we do, be sure to check out the videos because we have a special guest stop by, who was on the original design team for the legendary System 350.  The System 350 was one of the first modular control systems and is still being used today. Always moving forward JCI has upgraded the System 350 to the System 450.

Speaking of new fresh ideas watch our video interviews with the Penn and Johnson Controls leadership team to learn what is next. Here are some of the folks we talk to on this two-part video:

Here is what to listen for:

* the major investments Johnson Controls is making in HVACR and Smart Building Controls
* How PENN is adding connectivity to their refrigeration controls
* How PENN will save C stores money with upgraded connected refrigeration controls
* How PENN will leverage Johnson Controls existing BAS Platforms to change the Refrigeration controls game.

"Nothing is Obvious to the Uninformed"


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