The Sarah Connor Control Trends Chronicles

Sarah AvatarIn your world, it may be 2012, but I’m Sarah Connor, and I have seen the future!  Last week, I was transported into the Controls Industry, and I infiltrated the Event at the Georgia Aquarium, hosted by Stromquist and Honeywell.  Like-minded controls professionals traded knowledge in their quest to save the planet from its pending demise at the hands of… Energy Inefficient Machines.


New energy saving controls technology, like Honeywell Webs AX, is being positioned to prevent the energy depleting doomsday.  I, Sarah Connor, seek understand and preserve this information in my Chronicles. And with your help, together we will save the future, (but beware of the Terminator).


Seriously… Why am I here, and how did I land in the Control Trends blog?  Maybe I can offer a fresh perspective.  If you get too close to a painting, you can never fully grasp the way that the colors and textures combine to create the image.  These products are exciting and new to me.  I love innovatation.  And controls? Well, as a female, I love to control everything, so this industry is right up my alley. I hope that as I learn, and then blog about control trends, that you, too, will see things in a new light.


And we are not running away from innovation. Together we are going on the offense to take charge of control trends! Thanks for adopting me, and I look forward to becoming a part of this world that you call the controls industry.


Look for The Sarah Connor Control Trends Chronicles coming every Monday and Wednesday to for the information and motivation you need to save our planet from Energy Inefficient Machines!


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