Get On Board! Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March 2015 Theme: Creating Self-Learning Cultures

KenSinclair+IBcon Ken Sinclair’s Connection Community Collaboratory has recently invigorated the HVAC and Building Automation industry’s interest with an open challenge to make our industry younger by attracting new talent and bringing these new employees up to speed quickly. Sadly, we lost the use of Star Trek’s Vulcan Mind Meld with the loss of Leonard Nimoy, but Ken’s autodidactic style of learning is indeed, a vital part of the future solution.

Yet, even this intentional paring away of general knowledge to specific knowledge served on self-consuming trays of wearable, digital, video, and other IoT-ed support — still requires the creative transfer of our industry’s knowledge trust, much of which is esoterically held. As an industry we must think of how each of our organizations can leverage its existing resources, policies, collaboratories, and industry partnerships to create greater career pathways that will close the skills gaps faster and ultimately, sustain our industry.

More from Ken Sinclair’s Automated Building’s March Issue: How do we create them? How do we use them to increase the value of our only assets our people?

Our February editorial Growing our only Asset our People How do we motivate them to be curious?, passionate? generated lots of interest and comments from the industry much of which was captured on social media. Thanks for your interest and input please read the Amazing Response to Feb Editorial

To achieve the ability to grow our assets, our people we need to create a self-learning culture within our companies and communities. For the last year I have been exploring ideas in my editorials on how we might achieve this. Some of these editorials are; Autodidacticism, Creating Your Collaboration, The “I of Me” of IoT, and Education for Your Vocation

I have become obsessed with how do we grow our industry younger and create self-learning cultures because I believe this is our only future. I have also learned that these younger minds need not learn everything we know because much of what we all have done as an industry and a lifetime is create standards, protocols, and best practices. They only need to know which of these worked well and move on from there. Experienced folks in the industry need to relearn how to teach in the IoT world. We need to learn how these younger folks learn because they are our only asset for growth. We need to get inside their heads, learn how to use all the communication mediums of our time…yes, the complete myriad of social media platforms…yikes never thought I would say that, but it is true.

Automated Buildings March Articles:

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Todd A. Finnegan, ACS Services, LLC

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