Johnson Controls New Product Release

Johnson Controls Introduces the FX-PC Series Programmable Controller Family Release 6.0 and Release 6.0 of the FX-PC Series Programmable
Controller family. Click here for details.
New to the FX-PC Series Programmable Controller family are the FX-PCA Advanced Application Programmable Controllers. FX-PCA controllers are similar to the FX-PCG General Purpose Programmable Controllers. Both controllers are:
• DIN-rail or surface-mountable controllers
• housed in plastic enclosures with onboard inputs and outputs
• fully programmable with the FX-PCT Programming and Commissioning Tool (Table 1)
However, FX-PCA controllers provide more advanced capabilities. FX-PCA controllers contain embedded real-time clocks to support onboard, time-based control capabilities such as scheduling, alarming, and trending. These onboard, time-based control features enable the FX-PCA to cover more application possibilities, including:
• stand-alone control applications (no supervisory controller)
• networked control applications where the scheduling, alarming, or trending is preferred (or
specified) to be performed directly at the equipment controller
FX-PCA controllers also contain more onboard application memory than FX-PCG controllers, and you can use this additional memory in the FX-PCA controllers to:
• support the new time-based control capabilities (scheduling, alarming, trending)
• host larger size applications (with larger amounts of control logic) that exceed the memory
capacity of the FX-PCG controllers
FX-PCA controllers feature a BACnet MS/TP Field Controller (FC) Bus, which allows them to integrate with FX Supervisory Controllers (for example, FX20/FX60/FX70s). In addition, FX-PCA controllers are BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) listed as Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC), which independently ensures their interoperability with third-party BACnet equipment.


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