Ken Sinclair Automated Buildings March Edition Features — Our Amazing Women Choose to Challenge

March is the month we celebrate the contributions women have made to the world and we take this wonderful opportunity to recognize the great achievements women have made within our HVAC industry.

In his March edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair champions many of the amazing women in our industry.  

More great March reads

Investing in Our Future, Kimberly Brown, Tech Services Manager
Cochrane Supply Women on Fire, Cochrane Supply & Engineering
Women of Cimetrics: How We Got Here, Cimetrics
The Year BMS will Bridge the Gap for Human Connection, Lauren Scott Director, Marketing Distech Controls
Why we need to #ChooseToChallenge, Kerri Lee Sinclair Chair SBE Australia
Womansplaining Building Automation, Sudha Jamthe CEO IoTDisruptions Editor
The impact is a woman, Katarzyna Goleniewska Marketing Director Global Control 5
A Mentored Education, Monica Holbrook Senior Project Specialist at Climatec
Connect, connect, connect. Leigh Sinclair Ordained Minister at St. David’s United Church

The End of the BAS Era, Scott Cochrane, President and CEO, Cochrane Supply; Contributing Editor
Haystack Connect 2021 Agenda Takes Shape , John Petze, Executive Director, Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack 
Concerns, Interesting and Chuckles, Marc Petock
Building Automation and AI?, Nicolas Waern, WINNIIO Editor
Project Haystack – J2 Innovations ,  B. Scott Muench, Vice President Marketing & Business J2 Innovations
Need for Lightweight Encryption in Smart Devices, Published: February 17th, 2021 Memoori
The Impacts of New Sensor and Data Fusion Technologies

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Haystack Connect 2021 – a Virtual Conference
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