Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March, 2018 Theme: “Transparency Transformation”

In his March edition of Automated Buildings, owner and editor Ken Sinclair examines the dichotomy of yesteryear’s intentionally proprietary self, contrasted against the open and transparent self, which is becoming the default building mindset. There are still many more minds to go, but the IoT-fueled digitalization of our industry is advancing the transparency transformation at a barely discernible warp speed.

Excerpt from Ken’s March editorial: “As part of our never-ending transformation, we need to talk about Transparency which implies openness, communication, and accountability, operating in a way that thoughts, feelings, or twin motives are easily perceived and it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. This open to all transparent thinking is a significant shift from our proprietary me thinking of yesteryear and is a big part of our process of Metamorphosing Me. I find my younger mentors bring clarity to the meaning of Transparency as they ask why is that done that way? That does not make sense? The answer often is because in the past we did not want to be transparent…Yikes!”

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