Will Your New Facilities Manager be a Robot?

How will Artifical Intelligence Affect Your Building and Your Job ?

With the advent of AI in HVAC and Smart Building Controls. and the rate at which IOT and OT technology is changing we could all be working for robots, not just the HVAC controls professional. To get a better handle on just how likely working for a robot in a smart building in the near future is, we had a conversation with the Smart Building soothsayer Ken Sinclair. As the owner of, Ken is a good person to talk to about Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and how they will affect the smart building’s space. Ken, Kenny, and I have been around hvac and smart building controls for a long time, hence the picture of the Mona Lisa . If you think the robots will take over in the next decade or sooner, type “ROBOTS WIN” in comments, otherwise, please let us know what you think in comments, and please like the video and subscribe to our channel. To see the complete episode of Control Talk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast, and hear the rest of the show, go to

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