A Message from Phil Zito Founder and CEO Building Automation Monthly — What BAM is Doing to Help Right Now!

A Special Message from Phil Zito to the ControlTrends Community

Hi Eric and Kenny,

I was really bothered this week when I saw so many people in our industry getting let go or furloughed. After thinking about what I could do, I came up with the following idea.

On Monday we are going to be announcing that from April 6th to April 16th anyone can enroll in one of the following courses for $10, this will cover our licensing, hosting, and bandwidth costs. These courses normally cost $2000.

My hope is that you will share the link below  with the people you know.

The courses are:

BAS Startup and Checkout

This course will take you from start to finish through the installation and setup process. You will learn how to line out subcontractors, install controllers, wire field trunks, set up servers, configure front-ends, graphics, and the course also includes a full Niagara course inside it.

BAS Programming Bootcamp

This course will teach you how to program a building automation system. Students who have taken this course in the past have said: “in two weeks I went from being unable to program to programming chilled water plants”. This course teaches you Graphical Logic Block Programming. You will learn how to program VAV boxes, air handlers, and central plants from scratch.

Design for BAS Professionals

This course will teach you how to completely manage the submittal creation process. During this hands-on course you will learn how to create submittals from scratch, how to manage RFI’s, and how to properly close out project documentation.

BAS Scoping and Estimating

This course will teach you how to create scopes and estimates for building automation work. In this course you will learn how to review project documentation, perform takeoffs, and create project scopes and estimates from scratch.

My hope is that by taking these courses people in our field will increase their ability to execute work and will make themselves even more valuable when the COVID crisis ends.

Thanks and I hope you both are doing well.

-Phil Zito
Founder and CEO Building Automation Monthly
C: (262) 441-1991

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One Response

  1. We had an installation scheduled with ZITO today , Aug. 13, 2020 in Palestine Texas.
    At approx. 4:50 pm, a ZITO van pulled up in front of my mailbox. Nobody got out of the van or called the contact numbers we provided so we went outside to put the dogs away. Nobody got out of the van at that time either. Tried to contact customer service by phone and was on hold for over an hour before we got a representative on the phone. Tried to contact ZITO via text and e-mail with no response as of this time. I asked the Rep that answered the phone if the poor customer service something I could expect if I allowed them to do the installation. She said there was nothing they could do about the high volume of calls they receive. I told her to cancel my installation and that they could hire more people to handle the amount of calls they receive and deliver better customer service.

    I wouldn’t have a service from a company that can not do what they promise and that does not care about the kind of service they deliver to the customers.

    The Service tech’s name that was supposed to do the installation was Clay

    I would not recommend anyone to use ZITO

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