DGLux QR Code Reader Released! “A New Technology For Enhancing Operational Efficiency”

DGLOGIKQR DGLogik releases “A New Technology For Enhancing Operational Efficiency” QR Codes, the 2-Dimensional barcodes that resemble a pixelated square, are a free, open media for embedding links, downloads, geographical data, technical documents, instructions, tutorial videos and other content. While QR Codes were created in the 1990’s, the technology is just now starting to take off in the United States. The square patches of black and white blocks, known as Quick Response (QR) Codes have shown up all over marketing campaigns in recent years. You can see these codes anywhere from magazines, to billboards, to truck decals, to large city building fronts. Within the construction industry specifically, QR codes are becoming more and more prevalent, but not just for marketing purposes.

The ability to apply a tag (QR Code) to your equipment which is directly integrated with your work order management systems, building automation system, and geographic location is set to become an incredibly useful tool for building operators to increase efficiency.

With mobile devices and tablets becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, building managers understand the need for mobile BMS applications. As the number of smartphone and tablet owners continue to grow, people will continue to become more familiar with QR codes and more inclined to use them as a tool within the workplace. As mobile BMS applications become more common, these codes have the potential opportunity to become a useful tool for engineering dashboards within the building automation industry.

The ability to connect facility managers, building operators, and systems integrators with each other and multimedia digital content with a simple scan could be very useful. Leaders within the building automation industry need to embrace this new technology and start identifying opportunities where QR codes can be utilized to increase efficiency within the building automation industry. Rather than attempting to remember instructions, technical documentation, or specific equipment locations – QR codes could be the portal for the building automation industry to minimize user errors, eliminate wasted time on sites and increase workflow efficiency.

Visit DGLogik’s DGNews for more information.


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