Functional Devices Announces Improvements to their Air Handling Unit Fan Safety Alarm Circuits

NewRIBOur AHU Fan Safety Alarm Circuits feature a 24 Vac/dc power input, one master relay, and a choice of either six (RIBMNLB-6NO), four (RIBMNLB-4NO), or two (RIBMNLB-2NO) alarm circuits. Below is a list of new features and their benefits:


* The bypass switch moved from the coil of the alarm input relays to the relay’s N/O contact controlling the master relay.
* If an alarm input relay is bypassed, the coil is not continually energized.
* If an alarm input relay should fail, it can be bypassed and the alarm input moved to a spare relay.
* The status output contact of an alarm input relay changed from N/C to N/O.
* This provides a fail safe signal to the control panel. The control panel will know if a safety trips or if a wiring circuit is open.
* The main output contacts (from the master relay) changed to two independent N/O contacts. Through the use of board mounted jumpers, the output terminals for these independent N/O contacts can be made wet or dry.
* Both supply and return fan VFDs can be controlled without the use of additional relays.
* Fixed terminal connections have been replaced with removable terminal connections.
* Easy termination
* Input safeties and status outputs can easily be moved from one alarm input relay to a different alarm input relay, if needed.
* Removable terminals provide better conductor isolation from other board components, greatly reducing the possibility of accidental shorts during the termination process.

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