In his April Automated Buildings Edition, Ken Sinclair brings out the Hammer! Wake up to Wireless Ways — Talking Today’s Tools

In his April editorial, Ken Sinclair focuses on the imminent future deployment of hi-tech wireless systems, then asks the question: “Do we clearly understand what tools we now have in our tool kit and how they are used completely different than our hammers of the past?”

More great April articles relevant to the BAS Industry

COVID 19 and the BAS Systems Integrators, Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply & Engineering  Editor

Removing the Umbilical Cord between Controllers and Sensors, Phillip Kopp, Conectric Networks

The Rising Remote Workforce, Nicolas Waern, “The Building Whisperer” Editor

What does Yoga have to do with building systems?, Phillip Kopp, Conectric Networks

Talking Today’s Tools in the UK, Dave Lapsley, Econowise

Two Protocols are Better Than NONE, Steve Jones, The S4 Group, Inc

Instructions for Effortless, Successful System Integration, Dipl.-Ing. Hans R. Kranz & Dr. Rupert Fritzenwallner

What is an HMI, and why do we need it in the BMS? Monika Musielak, Global Control 5

COVID-19 Leaves Empty Buildings to Ponder Their Failings, James McHale, Memoori

View from America, Philip R. Juneau, Automated Technology Company

COVID-19, the World’s Biggest Remote Working Experiment, James McHale, Memoori

Hiring (and Layoffs) in the Age of Pandemics, Skip Freeman, BASI Solutions, Inc.
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