Free IT Video Training from Fearless Phil Zito — Phil Shares His BEST Secrets On How To Master IT and Future Proof Your BAS Career!

Take advantage of this 4-part video training series from Fearless Phil Zito, of Building Automation Monthly, as he shares his experience, knowledge, and practical insight into the often intimidating world of IT. Great opportunity to learn more about IT and ensure successful outcomes when working with the IT department. Preview illustration below.

From Phil Zito: I wanted to let you know that this week starting today I am running a four part training series on IT leading up to my launch of my new course Information Technology for Building Automation Professionals.

During this training I am going to help solve the problems of:

· Getting IP addresses from IT
· Knowing who to talk to in IT and how to talk to them
· The exact IT skills you need to learn to be successful in BAS

Register using this link, then respond to confirmation email.

Special note: On Memorial Day, 100% of profits from purchases of Phil’s products will go to Snowball Express, a charity for children of fallen US soldiers.


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  1. So from what i can see is Phil is putting out a 4 part video series for free as a demo to his program then who you pay $150 you get all the official videos (different then this?) and the book?

    Ken you’ve bought this?

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