Optergy New Enterprise v 2.4.5 has been Released!

Optergy Enterprise v 2.4.5 includes some important features and critical security updates (Please do not delay updating your sites!)

This new version includes:

SSL-Encrypted Web browsing using SSL (Secure Socket Layer or https). Read more about securing Optergy best practices

This feature has been further refined to allow for wildcard SSL certificates (used by large multi-site enterprises), as well as the ability to generate CSR (certificate signing request)

CyberSecurity improvements (various)-Optergy working in conjunction with cybersecurity experts Applied Risk ( has enhanced its protection against unwanted intrusion into Optergy software. 

VPN improvement-OpenVPN installation files are now included in the base installation for easier installation

New Weather API-Optergy now provides free weather data from online source (Weather Company by IBM), gone are the API keys and the need for a paid service to retrieve and use weather data

Improved Device Scanning-Users can now scan by network or port to limit the items to just the network that is of interest saving time

New BACnet Client-Adds the ability to Read and Write to BACnet device properties as well as Read Property Multiple

New Mobile App v 1.17-The mobile app has been re-architected to be more supportable and conform to IOS and Android standards

Click the button below to download this new release

Note: All users must update to v 2.4.0 prior to updating to 2.4.5


Steven Guzelimian


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