What does the Next Generation Have to Say About HVAC and Smart Building Controls?

Episode 10:Next Generation Innovation

Next Generation Innovation HVAC Controls Young Gun Style

I am so excited to be sharing Episode 10 of Next Generation Innovation with you.

The Next Generation Innovation is a podcast and video-cast for the younger HVAC Control Pros.

Aaron introduces his new co-host Brent Burrows.  Brent is Building Automation Specialist at  Entek in Atlanta. Entek is one of the premier systems integrators in Georgia and Brent is a big part of their success.
Brent knows his stuff!
He works in the field everyday with HVAC and building automation controls and brings this knowledge to the Next Generation Podcast and to ControlTrends with his Tech Tip series.

Your hosts Aaron Gorka and Brent Burrows bring a fresh perspective to all things HVAC and Smart Building Controls.

 In this episode they give you their thoughts on Controls Con.

 Often Irreverent but never boring…

check out Aaron and Brent in Episode 10 of Next Generation Innovation.


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