ADVANCE NOTICE: Updated Niagara Asset Manager and the Enterprise SMA Initiative

Introducing the New Niagara Asset Manager and the Enterprise SMA Initiative

Dear VYKON Partner,

Customers have been calling for an easy, unified means of managing and securing all installed Niagara licenses, and Tridium has responded with a much-improved Niagara Asset Manager and a limited-time program to encourage adoption of this powerful online tool. The Niagara Asset Manager simplifies every aspect of making sure that devices running Niagara are covered by Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA). It provides a centralized, brand-agnostic view of key Niagara license details. For Niagara License Administrators, the cloud-based Niagara Asset Manager is always at their fingertips, accessible through a Niagara-Community Single Sign-on credential. It eliminates the need to maintain error-prone spreadsheets.

For those familiar with the earlier Niagara Asset Manager tool, the latest release features these significant enhancements:

  • An updated user interface with a modernized, intuitive UI design
  • An enhanced search filter that makes it easier and faster to locate specific details about registered assets
  • Tagging support that facilitates efficient organizing and sorting of Niagara assets

The over-arching benefit of Niagara Asset Manager for customers overseeing large Niagara deployments is that, once they have registered with Niagara Asset Manager, they have taken the first step toward the creation of an enterprise-wide proposal for licensing all their Niagara assets. With a better asset management tool, it’s easier for customers to achieve a single renewal date for all enrolled assets, a single invoice for all license contracts, and most importantly, easier enforcement that all Niagara instances are up-to-date with the latest cyber-security and feature/function enhancements of our software framework.

To better work with our end-customers toward these goals and to encourage initial Niagara Asset Manager registrations and enrollment of assets, Tridium is rolling out the Enterprise SMA Initiative. This limited-time program offers generous grace periods for out-of-compliance assets. 

  • A Features Overview presentation on Niagara Asset Manager and the ESMA is foundhere.
  • FAQs about the Enterprise SMA Initiative are found here.
  • A Tridium-branded 2-page flyer about Niagara Asset Manager and the ESMA program is found here.
  • Niagara Asset Manager documentation is available in the Niagara Resource Center
  • Check out the next TridiumTalk on Niagara Asset Manager and Enterprise SMA onJune 26, 2019. Register now to attend.
Tridium will announce the new Niagara Asset Manager and the Enterprise SMA Initiative to the Niagara community on July 1, 2019. Please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to do everything we can to make you and your end-customers more efficient and better able to deliver outstanding ROI through Niagara Framework.


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