Building Automation Controls: Exploring IP Controls, Cybersecurity, and Best Practices

Discover the latest insights into building automation controls and the role of consulting engineers with Greg Fitzpatrick from Cochrane Supply and Engineering. Explore the differences between IP controls and traditional systems, delve into cybersecurity and best practices, and learn how consultants can become trusted advisors. Stay updated on the evolving industry and gain valuable knowledge to stay relevant. Don’t miss out on this Episode!

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Greg Fitzpatrick from Cochrane Supply and Engineering was my guest on Episode 415 of Controltalk Now. In the episode, they discussed various topics related to building automation controls and control networks. Here are some key points mentioned during the conversation:

  1. Greg’s role: Greg mentioned that he works with consulting engineers to help them understand and write specifications based on new technologies and network requirements in building automation controls.

  2. New website for consulting engineers: Cochrane Supply is launching a new website specifically for consulting engineers. This website will provide resources and best practices for smart building and building automation controls and control networks.

  3. Differences between IP controls and traditional controls: Greg talked about the shift towards IP controls and more IoT-type technologies. He discussed the differences between IP (Internet Protocol) and MSTP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing) and highlighted the importance of understanding IP network solutions for the facility world.

  4. Basic design principles for IP networks: Greg mentioned the importance of following basic design principles when setting up an IP network for building automation. This ensures a reliable and secure network infrastructure.

  5. Consultants as trusted advisors: Greg emphasized the role of consulting engineers as trusted advisors. They play a crucial role in guiding clients and helping them make informed decisions regarding open systems and new technologies.

  6. Evolution of consulting engineering: The discussion touched upon the evolving nature of consulting engineering, moving from one-to-one interactions to a more comprehensive and consultative approach.

  7. Importance of consulting engineers: Greg highlighted the significance of consulting engineers and their contributions to the industry. He shared his own experience working for a small firm in the early 90s and the value consultants bring to projects.

  8. Greg’s roadshow and ICcon: Greg talked about his roadshow, which is different from the early days of building automation controls. He also mentioned his upcoming involvement at ICcon (presumably an industry conference) and the cyber forum scheduled for the event.

  9. Cybersecurity and real estate industry: The concept of “cyber harmony” was discussed in relation to the real estate industry. Best practice groups and the Real Estate Cyber Consortium were mentioned as initiatives focused on promoting cybersecurity in the industry.

  10. Continuous learning and expertise: Greg emphasized the importance of staying relevant and understanding what an expert looks like, even if one may not be an expert in every aspect. Continuous learning and awareness of industry trends are key.

On Behalf of the ControlTrends Community of building automation and HVAC controls professionals a huge “thank you ” to Greg for takin the time to share with us.


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