Contemporary Controls New Products Announcement: New EIGR Series of Gigabit IP Routers Introduced

The Contemporary Controls’ EIGR series of Gigabit IP Routers are being introduced with features beyond our popular EIPR series of 10/100 Mbps IP routers while retaining the EIPR’s ease-of-use. Besides gigabit speed on both LAN and WAN ports, the new line of EIGR Gigabit IP routers allows for faster routing throughput, VPN server in addition to VPN client, and outdoor temperature operation. In addition to the basic EIGR-E model is the EIGR-V offering the choice of OpenVPN client or server. READ MORE!

New Building Automation Blog Available

For those of you who have been following our campaign for open controllers, and our DIY building automation products, be sure to follow our new Building Automation Blog. Intended for building automation professionals and enthusiasts, the blog is written by our own Zach Netsov, who is a Product Specialist at Contemporary Controls focused on the BASautomation line of products. READ MORE!

Contemporary Controls Plays a Role in the Binhai Cultural Center

Contemporary Controls’ BASgatewayLX is part of the latest exciting addition to Tianjin, the Binhai Cultural Center. Tianjin is a thriving modern Chinese city that is a hub for innovative architectural design and equally impressive building automation to support energy management. The Binhai Cultural Centner is a large complex that includes a library, art gallery, museum and theater. READ MORE!

How Micro PCs are Being Used in the Field

In April, we released the BASpi-I/O board for Raspberry Pi, which turns the already powerful Raspberry Pi3 into an extremely capable 12-point control device with web-based configuration, universal IO, simple to use drag and drop programming and industry standard data communication and control protocol – BACnet. Now that the product has been on the market, users are sending us reports on how the product is being used. READ MORE!


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