ControlTrends People is Back: Check out Jeff Houpt from Automation Integrated

Jeff Houpt Automation Integrated

ControlTrends People is back! You will remember that CTP is a project I am very passionate about. On the podcast we do a deep dive into the lives of the people that make our Industry great. Previous episodes include the likes of Marc Petock, Mike Marston, Lim Hoon Chiat, Ed Merwin.

I believe that success leaves clues, and that one of the best ways to get better at anything is to study the lives of people that are already masters. On this episode we talk with one of the most respected master systems integrators in Smart Buildings, Jeff Houpt. Jeff is the President and CEO of Automation Integrated based in Oklahoma City.

 Jeff is a brilliant thinker and strategist. Hear how Jeff’s early life help shape the way he sells and relates to people. Jeff explains what makes Automation Integrated unique and what it takes to be successful in today’s Smart Buildings Controls market. Jeff coined the phrase “we are in the integrity economy”, hear why those might be the six most important words you can embrace as the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance continues to evolve.


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